Capture a Common Vocabulary
The goal of the task 'Capture a Common Vocabulary' is to provide a basis for unequivocal and clear communication between the involved persons and parties in both the demand and supply organization.
Inception, updated if needed in Elaboration and Construction
(Documentation in the demand organization)
Glossary, Business Object Model
  • Check if an enterprise dictionary exists
  • Analyse all terminology used in Business Object Model, other documentation and meetings and relate the terms to each other
  • Check if the definitions and relations found are reckognized and acknowledged by all stakeholders
  • Add the definitions to the Glossary and make definitions and relations visible in the Business Object Model
  • Make Glossary and Business Object Model available to everyone
  • Make sure that changes in definitions or relations get everyone's attention and acceptance
  • Update Glossary and Business Object Model during the project
Objectives Workflow