Detail Use Case Scenarios
The goal of the task 'Detail Use Case Scenarios' is to specify in detail how the system should behave, seen from the perspective of the users, that is, in terms of interaction..
Elaboration, Construction
Vision, Use Case Model, Navigation Map
Use Case Specification
  • Form a first impression of the Use Case by looking at the Use Case Model and by doing a workshop with the Subject Matter Experts
  • Write a draft of the Use Case, making use of the Use Case Specification template
  • Provide input to the User Interface Designer in order to have a screen prototype ready
  • Discuss the screen prototypes with Subject Matter Experts in a workshop
  • Discuss the result with Subject Matter Experts, User Interface Designer, Developer and Tester
  • Update the draft of the Use Case Specification
  • Organize a plenary session
  • Write the final version
Preparation Workflow