Develop and Prove the Software Architecture
The goal of the task 'Develop and Prove the Software Architecture' is to establish and maintain the 'technical spine' of the system, which is one of the most important points of reference for the Developer.
Software Architect
Vision, Use Case Model
Software Architecture Document, Architectural Proof of Concept, Architectureel Prototype
  • Study the functional and non-functional requirements
  • Prioritize Use Cases from a technical perspective and establish which Use Case make up the heart of the system
  • Define a candidate architecture and verify and optimize this by carrying out Proofs of Concept and by contributing to the design of Use Cases
  • Determine the impact of choices in the architecture on the rest of the software/infrastructure architecture and existing environments.
  • Determine which parts of the architecture can be filled in with reusable components from outside or inside the organization (the demand organization supplies input)
  • List the parts of the architecture in the organization which will be reused in the near future (the demand organization supplies input)
  • Identify Architectural Prototypes (example code) in existing software
  • Describe the software architecture in the Software Architecture Document and validate it with the relevant Stakeholders
Architecture Workflow