Identify and Outline How the System is Used
The goal of the task 'Identify and Outline How the System is Used' is to provide a functional basis for and scope of the system and show the value it has for the demand organization.
Use Case Model
  • Obtain a picture of the functional requirements from the Vision
  • Discuss this with Subject Matter Experts and other Stakeholders
  • Analyse which Actors (human and other) interact with the system
  • Identify its Use Cases by analysing their added value for the customer
  • Structure the Use Case Model
  • Prioritize the Use Cases by their value for the business (MoSCoW-classification)
  • Give the Use Cases a weight (storypoints, use case points, S/M/L/XL or other)
  • Update the Use Case Model during the iterative process when needed.
Objectives Workflow