Product Owner
The Product Owner represents all Stakeholders toward the team. He prioritizes the functionality during the project by means of the Product Backlog, decides when Usable Increments go live, checks the coherence of the Usable Increments and accepts the incrementally evolving solution.
  • Knowledge of the business, its stakeholders and stakes
  • Ability to negotiate between stakeholders and to manage risks
  • Strong communication skills
  • Problem solving attitude
Assume ResponsibilIty to Create/Update Product Backlog, Risk List, Release Burnup Chart
Contribute and Verify Vision, Product Acceptance Plan, Business Object Model, Glossary, Use Case Model, Software Development Plan, Acceptance Findings, User Support Material
Communicate Agreement Definition of Done, Architectural Proof of Concept, Software Architecture Document, Navigation Map, Use Case Specification, Usable Increment
See Pichl2010 the book Agile ProductManagement With Scrum - Creating Products That Customers Love by Roman Pichler