Subject Matter Expert
The Subject Matter Expert role is filled by an experienced user of specific Use Cases or by a person who is an expert with respect to (part of) the business domain. He has a central function in determining the functionality needed. Subject Matter Expert and Analyst will closely cooperate in shaping the Use Cases. This role will also participate in user acceptance tests.
  • Expertise in the business processes which are supported by the application
  • Analytical capacity to check the steps in the Use Case Specifications for correctness
  • Didactical capacity to instruct other users
Assume ResponsibilIty to Create/Update Definition of Done, Sprint Backlog, Sprint Burndown Chart, Impediments List, User Support Material
Contribute and Verify Risk List, Vision, Glossary, Business Object Model, Product Acceptance Plan, Product Backlog, Use Case Model, Software Development Plan, Navigation Map, Use Case Specification, Test Suite, System Administration Documentation, Test Report, Usable Increment, Acceptance Findings