System Administration Documentation

The System Administration Documentation contains three views:

The configuration view, with application specific installation, configuration and maintenance directions. This includes descriptions of:

  • Dependencies of nonstandard available resources
  • Configuration possibilities of the application (parts)
  • The application's security
  • Location of configurable texts in the application
  • Location of information logged by the application
  • Proposals for periodical maintenance, for example tables to be cleaned

The installation view, with a roadmap for deploying the application. It is an explanation of the approach to be followed in order to have the software installed in test, acceptance and production environment and the way in which the software is to be moved forward from environment to environment.

The maintenance view, in which a roadmap is given for regular application maintenance. This contains the following:

  • Cleaning procedure(s)
  • Back-up and restore procedure(s)
  • Trouble shooting guide
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System Administration Documentation, (standards of the demand organization)
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